Please note, starting January 1st, payment for fish processing must be received in full before service can begin. 

For the Best Quality, Pricing and Service  Our World Famous Tuna Jerky

Choose Regular or Spicy Hot!

  • Smoking
  • Vacuum packaging your catch
  • Custom Packaging
  • Filetting
  • Cold Storage
  • Freezer Wrapping
 Price List
3 mil bags: $1.55
5 mil bags: $1.65
jerky (30 lbs minimum): $3
smoked (30 lbs minimum): $2
ice bag: $5
fillets: $3 

Shipping Boxes

Include Gel packs
Large Box: $50
Medium Box: $40
Small Box: $30

Hours of Operation

Restaurant hours: 11am-8pm
Market hours:  11am-8pm 
Processing hours: 11am-8pm
Pickups are from: 9-5 Tue-Sunday

Market Pricing

Tuna jerky- $23 lb
Salmon Jerky-$40
Dozen Oysters/Clams- $25
Half Dozen- $13


Mussels & Clams
Alive- $9 lb
Steamed -$18 lb with side of garlic bread

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